Industrial Readymades

A visual art form :

That escapes traditional authorship

That exists, in it’s pre-art form shape as a by-product of an industrial manufacturing technique. The focus is on the consumable materials that go into making a product, but not the product itself.

That exists due to selection by an artist ‘on the look out’

In it’s purest form, is picked up or ‘saved’ from a work bench or shop floor and framed. In it’s assisted form, is cut to shape, assembled and framed.

Where value is called in to question because the craft that has made the art is unmeasured.


On display are six used sanding discs mounted and set into thick board and framed. The sanding discs have been taken from a disc sanding machine which is used in the furniture making industry. The circular rings which are seen on the disc surface are the remnants of the wood metal and plastic material left behind after the shaping has been done by the machine. Robert sees this as a definitive artistic statement and has called the body of work, which these pieces are from as Industrial Readymades. The term Readymades coming from Marcel Duchamp. Robert describes the work as being ‘saved art’ as in ‘saved from the bin’, rather than being ‘found art’ which is already a recognised genre. The work also references Warhols ‘multiples’ the Pop Art ‘target’ image and Delaunay’s ‘Premier disque’ 1913


These pieces come straight from the spray shop of a furniture manufacturers. What you are looking at is the build up of layers of clear and coloured lacquer on what was originally the flat surface where objects were placed in order to spray them.

A cover board is a usually an 8′ X 4′ man made board used to protect a pack of veneered MDF during transportation. It is discarded when the pack is delivered. ‘Cover board 1’ is a segment of far eastern plywood that has sustained a fault in the manufacturing process which has deemed it fit only as a protective layer. The top layer of the plywood has become detached and folded back on itself when being compressed. It is reminiscent of a wound where the skin has become detached showing the muscle tissue underneath.

Cover board 1

Cover board 1

Drill bit galaxy