12th – 21st July 2012
‘As Time Goes By’
Leytonstone Library, London E11 1HG
Waltham Forest Arts Club selected exhibition as part of the Leytostone Art Trail.
Exhibited set of six nail pictures.

26th – 19th August 2012
‘Wandering Rocks’
The Stone Space, E11 1HG
Exhibition curated by Steven Snoddy director of the New Art Gallery Walsall.
One of the six pictures from above selected
“First day at school”

1st – 29th June 2013
‘A Matter of Taste’
Pictorem Gallery, E17 9AP
Selected exhibition curated by Dolores Rocket
“Static Disc #1”

1st – 25th August 2013
E17 Art Trail Summer show
Penny Fielding Gallery E17 9NJ
Selected exhibition.
“First day at school”
“Death of an Icon”

16th – 20th October 2013
TIAF (The Independent Art Fair.)
Mile End Art Pavillion E3 4QY
Selected exhibition.
“Static Disc #1”

31st – 15th June 2014
Oxfam shop E17 9AU
Solo show as part of E17 Art Trail
“Static Disc #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9”
“Drill bit galaxy”
“Spray shop”
“White Relief”

16th - 19th October 2014
The Independent Art Fair 2014
The Rag Factory
London E1

31st – 15th June 2015
Oxfam shop E17 9AU
Solo show as part of E17 Art Trail
'3D Dazzle' relief series.
'Waste' lightbox series
'Sprayshop 2'

11 - 31st July 2015
Black and White (The Power and Beauty of Monochrome)
Selected exhibition
Brent Artists Resource
Willesden Green, London NW2 5HT
'3D Dazzle 6'

14th - 18th October 2015
The Independent Art Fair 2015
The Rag Factory
London E1
"Burnt Structure #1"

5th - 29th November 2015
Space Between (selected exhibition)
The Stone Space
London E11
"Light and Dark"

4th - 29th May 2016
Shared exhibition
Flaxon Ptootch
237 Kentish Town Road NW5 2JT
New work - 'A series of fuck ups'

3rd June - 17th June 2017
E17 Art trail

7th July - 3rd September 2017
Walthamstow Village window gallery.
Summer Show (60 artists)
'Breakthrough #3' (formally 'Fuck up #3')

4th - 28th October 2017
Pictorem Gallery
London E17 9AP
Paintings and retrospective works.